Certified integrator of B&R


We have the status of a CERTIFIED B&R INTEGRATOR, confirming the highest quality of services provided in integrating technologies of this Austrian manufacturer in areas such as control systems, visualisation, drive control and integrated safety.

Close co-operation between our engineers and the employees of B&R has resulted in the creation of a system, unique on a global scale, controlling the arms of COMAU industrial robots, based solely on B&R hardware. This solution allows control of the whole technological process and the motion of robotic units with one industrial computer, without any robot controllers in the hardware architecture.

Programming is fully performed using the B&R Automation Studio environment, which translates into a reduction of time needed to start the line, and real financial savings for the investor. The created system can work with CAM software, allowing for offline programming of the robot motion trajectory.

We also are a distributor of hardware and software, as well as a supplier of spare parts.

We repair damaged equipment and migrate working control systems to newer versions along with hardware replacement, while also performing periodic inspections. For every Customer we offer warranty and post-warranty service of the equipment.